We met Zomvic in Buenos Aires earlier in the year, a city we had never had a formal introduction too so was exciting to explore the scene down there. Zomvic was one of the talented folks we encountered, she runs an underground party/colective called New Trash is the New Acid which focuses on pushing women talent. We had the privilege of seeing her play in her own apartment one afternoon and fell in love . She explores the darker side of electronic music, in this wonderful exploration of genres. Check our her mix and Q&A below!

Tell us about this mix:

Well, so this mix is not made exactly for the dancefloor, but with the purpose to understand the music on the dancefloor. The tracks have a bit of all the genres that shaped my own style, like techno, new beat, dark wave, industrial and acid. Also i intend to show a bit of the production of Latin American artist with whom i identify with.

When did you start DJing?

about 5 years ago

First gig:

The first important party of the Argentinian urder scene in which i played was 4 years ago in Witches party, produced by Emir Bezzana, marieL Bñ y Lucas Toro, one of the precursor parties of the underground scene in Buenos Aires that brought together a group of people that today are part of a new scene that is a decade old already. Others of the important parties that marked my career where Undertones in Niceto Club produced by Francisco Castorina, in which international artists such as Move D, Theo Parrish, Deckmantel Soundsystem, Palms Trax, Alejandro Paz and Dj Koze and others performed. Also 808 parties produced by Waly Trupiano, Family Affair produced by Amapola Ibieta and Ezequiel Fanego, Cerebro Magnetico, produced by Adrian Fajardo aka Mirlo and Ignacio Parodi.

Favorite party ever played:

My favourite party in Argentina is New Trash is The New Acid, because it is the product of our own work and selection of artists, where we are always trying to expand the scene and listening to new material and artists that emerge and deserve to be heard and included in the electronic scene and also defend the feminine techno scene.

Fave DJ:

Legowelt, Helena Hauff, Unfang, Volvox. My favourite dj in Argentina is Dintun and Diamin from Chile but based in Buenos Aires.

Fave producer:

Legowelt fron Holland, Qasio from Chile, Russell from Chile, Andrea Paz from Chile, Unfinished portraits from Argentina, Ngly from Argentina, Djs Pareja from Argentina, Elen alien, Helena Hauff (Germany), Claro intelecto Inglaterra and Delta funktionen from netherlands.

What’s the best compliment you’ve ever gotten?

the best compliments i recevied or at least one of the most they say to me is when they tell me "i couldn't stop dancing for a minute". i love that.

Place you’d like to play:

i would like to play in berghain, deckmantel or in a boiler room in another country.

Something you want everyone to know about you:

I would like that people know the passion i feel for my profession and that this is also a cause that motivates me in everything i decide, cause i feel this as a compromise of all those who love music and fight for a music scene that can give opportunities to all equally. it is something that from our collective in buenos aires we are always trying to improve.