We actually met Peach years ago as she interviewed us in Detroit at our first ever party there and we've just stayed connected since. As a Toronto transplant, her rise in the London scene has been rapid due to her refreshing infectious energetic presence as a DJ and her hypnotic selections pulling us all the way into wear she's at: this mix is that experience. Check out her mix and Q&A below!

Tell us about this mix:

it's a collection of ravey and broken bits i'm into right now. I don't think i've been ever very good at the chill thing and this is giving you a look into a few of the labels I've been into over the past few months.

When did you start DJing?

i started mashing things together when i bought a pair of decks before detroit movement festival 2011. i bought 2 cdj 800s which only took CDs and actually had them in my house and used them to practice until i moved to london a few years ago. i got my wisdom teeth out the day after i bought them and came back from the dentist all loopy and started trainwrecking really bad tech house

First gig:

playing at a small bar in Toronto to absolutely no one sometime in 2011. I started djing under peach in 2015, and my first gig was opening for Kyle Hall in Toronto.

Favorite party ever played:

find me in the dark x discwoman party at corsica studios in october 2017. i think all parties hold a really special place in my heart, but this was one of the first times i felt like i could really be myself in the booth and not just play an opening set but a set which built the energy over the course of a long time and was entirely my own. shoutout to jimmy and rosy (of find me in the dark/lobster theremin) for helping me learn that longer sets suit me much better.

Fave DJ:

off the top of my head - I-F, shanti celeste, and helena hauff.

Fave producer:

honestly the hardest question ever, but luca lozano, max d, tessela, legowelt, underground resistance, DJ sprinkles, sfire, e myers

Pet peeve when DJing:

when people take photos of you with the flash on and nearly blind you

What’s the best compliment you’ve ever gotten?

someone brought me a peach and handed it to me when i was playing as a gift, which I thought was really cute. the other cute part was it had a bite out of it lol

Place you’d like to play:

probably stating an obvious one here, but i feel like i'd be lying if i didn't say panorama bar. and freerotation. and hot mass. and chapter 10. and ANYWHERE in ASIA :)

Something you want everyone to know about you: