We first learned about RUI HO through Berlin Community Radio and have been following her since. She released a new EP earlier this year Becoming Is An Eventual Situation which was met with much praise and like her productions her mixes push the parameters of what’s expected. And that extends to this mix one of the most punk selections unapologetically jumping between techno, pop, trance, anti-techno (lol) sounds which makes for a very liberating musical adventure. Check out her mix and Q&A below :)

Tell us about this mix:

So I have been getting into a lot of rave and eurodance stuff for the last 2 years or so, I didn’t have this experience before other than a few classics that went big in China as well. I feel like it’s giving me a better idea of the club scene and pop culture in general in Europe. My second alias DJ Ruan is where I am experimenting this interest of me, I am combining Chinese melodies and influences into very fast rave genres such as trance, hardcore, breakbeats, etc, an EP is on its way and I have featuring a few of the tracks on here. Also with some very nice new and unreleased stuff from my friends and some of my recent favourites, I am trying to forge this fun and uplifting Eurasian connection through this mix.

When did you start DJing?

I started around 2 and a half years ago

First gig:

It was at my friend Zueira Mizrahi’s Kiki ball and then we ended up becoming partners and organised quite a few vogue balls together (Shout out to my love Zueira :))

Favorite party ever played:

Turbo Cabra in Warsaw, I played there last year and it was really great vibe, People are into whatever weird things I was throwing, that was a very fun night.

Fave DJ:

Probably my girl Dis Fig atm, her set is always on point and unbelievably energetic and consistent.

Fave producer:

Definitely SOPHIE right now. Like…hello who else? XD

Pet peeve when DJing:

Song request and small talks…I am very focused when I play, my friends always say I look very serious haha. So it’s really hard for me to talk during my set, even before because I’m usually too nervous to talk. And I usually play quite short tracks so I need to blend it out pretty fast.

What’s the best compliment you’ve ever gotten?

Once something told me I reminded them of DJ Sprinkles which is absolutely magical to me since I rarely play house or techno. But I guess it was the emotion and sensibility behind it that touched people :)

Place you’d like to play:

Might sound cheesy but Berghain main room probably haha. I’m anything but a techno head but still that space is legendary for me.

Something you want everyone to know about you:

I think this mix is a very good occasion for me to know more about my transition and my decision to change my pronoun from they/them to she/her. For the past few years, I have been giving a lot of thoughts about my gender identity. I don’t like to bring it up usually when I talk about my music because I don’t think ideally it has to be mentioned. But since it is actually a very important factor for me as a person and as an artist, I do hope that people can respect and appreciate me for who I am.


LSDXOXO - False Idols
DJ Ruan - unreleased
Kurama - Code-X
SOPHIE - ITS OK 2 CRY (DJ Animebby Edit)
Resla - Cara
HIMERA - Eternal Life (Hearing a Voice In Crystal Stasis)
Buga - ! - 1
DJ Ruan - unreleased
Rizzla - Test Man
DJ Ruan - unreleased
HVAD - الحائط الرمادى ينزف
Supraman - SHS Pep Rally
Q-Tex - E-creation
DJ Ruan - unreleased
DJ Ruan - Grandiose
7038634357 - Sugar Armor