Berlin's Wallis has discretely been making her very loud stamp in techno, the Upperberry resident has focused on more creative blends and edits within a context that can easily become monotonous, providing a contrast between emo melodies/vocals and very hard techno . She’s steppng out of what is expected, which is maybe why LSDXOXO has chosen her as his first resident of his Floorgasm party

Tell us about this mix:

I guess this mix is quite personal, perhaps one third of the tracks are my own productions, and the rest are only tracks from my jell fam. I play pretty hard usually, but my sets are really not only „kicks drums and hihats“, violence for the sake of violence is not really my thing, I'm interested in emotion, rhythm and feeling above all. I really like emotional melodies, vocals, and I loooove techno versions of any genres from pop to trash metal.. anything goes, really. I guess this mix also reflects that.

When did you start DJing?

I bought my setup about 7 years ago. Still using the exact same one – only one turntable died in the mean time. I could probably fix it if I took the time (although it's not from technics, not as easy to open up and repair), but I actually don't really play vinyl so much anymore – I had to make budget sacrifices when I got into modulars.

First gig:

You know.. I have an absolute goldfish memory and I honestly don't even remember. Maybe one of my Parisian friends reading this remembers and can remind me? I remember my last party before I moved away from Paris though. We had organized it, was not very legal hehe and ended up with a whole lot of police brutality, the police even broke the phones of some guys who were filming the fight, it was crazy, and that convinced me even further that it was time for me to leave this city behind. And I remember my first gig in Berlin when I moved there, was at Loophole, this cool tiny venue here in Neukölln.

Favorite party ever played:

Oh, this is very hard to answer, I wanna say.. most of them? I have pretty much always good fun. I guess one gig that I will remember vividly forever was my first ever Tresor. Oh, I was so nervous, and to the audience I probably looked oddly static compared to my usual overly enthusiastic attitude, and I went home almost right after my set – which is quite unlike me when I play in Berlin – I was so wiped out from the gig, I slept for two days straight after that. But yea Tresor was the first iconic club from my bucket list I got to play at, this will forever be a big milestone for me.

Fave DJ:

That's a good question hm I really don't know it depends on my mood, and there are so many good ones too. I like it pretty hammering though. A DJ that I really like and get hear a lot cause we get booked together from time to time is Clara Cuvé. She is super eclectic (and skilled!) and she really keeps it interesting all the way, it's always really cool. Dear mother Rebekah also never disappoints, it's risk-taking and violent in the best possible way. Another dear favorite of mine is LSDXOXO, I'm actually a resident at his “Floorgasm” party and his sets are always so on point and diverse. I remember his last Floorgasm closing set, he was going from breakbeats to Marilyn Manson in the blink of an eye, was amazing. I like DJs that are not always playing typical techno things.

Fave producer:

Oh this is like asking me to chose a definitive favorite food – impossible mission. There are sooo many... Obviously I really like all the artists on my label, most of them are not well
known, but oh so special and unique. Yea all those guys are amongst my current favorite producers, the latest release was with Veta-M, Ama& Лука, PCMM, Raßßeat, Oposition and Umbraid (and me - but I don't make the cut into my own favorite producer list hehe). I hope will all get more gigs in the future, cause they are kick ass producers and all really deserve it. I also realized that they all happen to be French – which was totally random, I did not know any of them personally or knew their nationality before I heard their music and got in touch – so yeah I guess the young emerging French scene is very special at the moment. Also I must mention Tim Tama, whose music is just so freakishly beautiful it brought me to tears. And yet super dancefloor friendly too. It's a thin line and he walks on it perfectly, this guy is a genius.

Pet peeve when DJing:

I'm not really sure. When the next DJ is late though, I don't like it when the club doesn't let me know, cause I usually have a precise ending planned in my head, and it can get fucked up if I'm not aware I need to play an extra half hour. My ending is important to me, so if it gets shattered I get sad (also, following DJ, please don't start mixing into my closing track, that's kinda rude).
Oh! Something that does stress me is, not during DJ sets but live sets, in clubs where the booth is connected to the crowd... people from the crowd insisting on putting their open drinks dangerously close to my precious live set up... music gear is expensive as hell, and drunk people scare me haha. It took me years to build that setup, and if someone breaks it, it would be a few years before I can afford to buy it again, so that would mean no live sets for a couple years – and much less fun in the studio too.

What’s the best compliment you’ve ever gotten?

The best compliment I ever got was actually not even meant as a compliment, which is why it was so strong, cause the person had no idea it would make me super happy and said that in the most genuine way possible, but I wont tell what it is, cause I don't want people to start using it to flatter producers hehe.
“You gave me goosebumps” is also a solid one, because as a DJ, of course I want to make people dance and have a good time, but I also want to touch them somehow, leave an impression or change something for them, even if it is only for 3 seconds. So usually goosebumps are a sign that I am doing something right.

Place you’d like to play:

I have not done any big festivals yet, and I would really love that. My absolute dream one is one of the reaktor events, I think there are almost no other festivals just as perfect for me sound-wise hehe. Geography-wise, there are so many places in the world I love to play at... East Asia, South America, Eastern Europe... I really hope this is what 2020 has in stock for me :)

Something you want everyone to know about you:

My second passion in life is sleeping