Quest?onmarc has been lacing the scene with banger after banger for a while now, they're one of the most prolific producers in Brooklyn atm and their DJ sets only reflect this. They’ve seamlessly woven together their vast yet complementary musical interests for this boiling and climatic power of a set.

Tell us about this mix:

This is the first time i’ve mixed my productions! Let alone set out to record such an intimate set.. the invite to share a mix with you all called for something further from what i’d play at a rave or club night and closer to home. I've held room for Discwoman fam in the form of my tracks by DJ Haram, Ziur, Umfang and 700 Bliss. My contribution to Riobamba’s ‘Sin Fronteras’ benefit compilation is featured in the warm up as well.

From ? bpm's to 160 with an equally expansive range of sonic influences-- you’ll hear most of my formative favorites represented. there's drone.. jersey club, ukg and acid, house, metal, techno.. hardstyle, early hardcore and more. most of these are navigated nimbly thru my own brand of hybridized ballroom that defined my early catalog.

Once I decided it was going to be a production mix. I had to sort thru my artillery for cohesion. no shade, she has many different flavors and more tracks than i’d realized… with this though, there’s greater meaning in the tracklist selection and my execution still. always gonna give ya’ll a bit of wordplay or storytelling in the blends. this mix is all about standing firm in your own presence. owning ones abilities as well as facing the call to be a stronger force in the music community at large. I want to make way for others as others have for me. This mix is a manifestation of my desire to shift and advance culture not just as an artist but also as a non-binary person of color… progress, a fearless approach to do things differently. to forge my own path thru sound, technique and performance. grateful for opportunities i’m granted to do this. online and around the world. this mix is something to get you in your bag, feel yourself. empowerment bangers. ::hits vogue crash button::

at the risk of rambling. i welcome you all to the soundtrack going on inside of my head :) there are original tracks (shoutout to my bandcamp -, bootlegs and collaborations which were created during my first international tours. peep the t/l! enjoy! x

When did you start DJing?

i’d be out raving and have opinions or ideas for blends or hear dj’s i’d frequent play the same mixes.
it’s no shade but once this was happening i just got to saving for a controller to teach myself.
i was passionate about making mixtapes and sorting tracklist orders for these cd’s i’d make since i was a kid. shoutout cd-r’s.

First gig:

I’m really grateful that my first opportunity to DJ came from another DJ! i would catch every So Drove (then Schwarz) set in brooklyn. Out for every chance to vogue down to their clashes of baltimore club with ballroom beats I would stalk soundcloud for. They were doing a night w/ Mark Brown called “The Definition of Turnt” at One Last Shag in Brooklyn. It had snowed for most of the day & roads were icy. I was surprised the bar was packed and the windows were foggy when my friend and I pulled up. On the lineup was Nightcoregirl (!), Ynfynyt Scroll, and myself plus the hosts. Great night. Many friends came thru as well. I felt comfortable.

Favorite party ever played:

i surely can’t choose a favorite but here's 5 from this year that i’ve been revisiting for inspiration

-CTM Festival, Panorama Bar / Berlin, Germany
Why? : This was one of my first festivals (!!!) also my first time seeing & experiencing Berghain outside what I’d heard from friends. I had a two hour set from 5am. Linked with Christine & Haram while in town. Very bad gal femme lineup — Svani, Kikelomo, Rui Ho, Tama Gucci and myself. Lots of friends in the room. Handed over to Tama Gucci as the shutters were opening. Was magical. Thank you!

-Club Yeke, Rye Wax / London, United Kingdom
Why? : It was the hottest day on record in London with a lineup to match — Tash LC, Cooly G, Okzharp, K’ru & Portara. Three decks and the power of the pumping Rye Wax system on my side. Had friends and the int’l dj community come thru to support.

-Club Chai x Red Bull Music , Public Works / San Francisco, United States
Why? : One of those nights where the front row energy extended to the whole room!! Had a beautiful time in the Bay w/ my first friend in the ballroom scene, Shea Miza. I’ve got a recording of the set. Voguers stormed the booth and everything.. it was so hype!! Carried on 4 decks. played them everything from E-40 to footwork.

  • Melting Point, Secret Warehouse / Brooklyn, United States
    Why? : My first warehouse set (!!!) organized by very enthusastic ravers for benefit to Al Otro Lado. Lined up with Total Freedom. Arca performed a surprise b2b and they both had some kind words & a hug to share afterword. Very affirming as I’m fans of both. I just remember skipping around thru the fog in pigtails into the morning and completely sweating thru my jumpsuit.

-NYX x Move.unltd, Night Embassy / Berlin, Germany
Why? : My first performance residency for a project I’ve been developing with L-Vis 1990 has just seen it’s debut in Berlin. A culmination of our collaborative productions, me on vocals and a full on performance. I live for a hands-free mic! More of this please!

Fave DJ:

me :)
KiNK - live set goals
Total Freedom - 13 March, 2015 among my favorite mixes and there was one ghetto gothic night with the flame visuals i vividly remember being so aligned with his set there was a moment i caught a spin as he started backspinning and the resulting dip still gives me chills TO THIS DAY.
Carl Cox & Jeff Mills - multi-deck inspo
MikeQ - i was (very) briefly a member of his Qween Beat group as I was just learning to dj & produce. will still boast on his DJ’ing any day though! he doesn’t use rekordbox. i’d sometimes beat him to 'Vogue Knights' before doors waiting to dance to his sets.

Fave producer:

me :)

Pet peeve when DJing:

Having to stop :(
Being catfished on my tech rider is a dubbb. :((((((((( [3 cdjs & djm]
Low tables are an extended dub remix. :((

What’s the best compliment you’ve ever gotten?

being asked what my dj moniker is after playing when i'm weaving through the crowds.. excited for this because it’s giving very 'organic grassroots rave army’ teas. The movement is forming online and in the real real. also have been told that i’ve gotten people into certain genres they weren’t feeling before thru my blends. can’t ask for more.

Place you’d like to play:

the warehouse project in manchester
printworks, boiler room in london
gashouder in amsterdam
basement in nyc
i see paris, mexico, amsterdam & brasil locked in on soundcloud analytics what’s goodie ya'll? hmu x

Something you want everyone to know about you:

i’m still just warming and hungrier by the day. :D

Frost (C) - SUNN O)))
Paranoia [from ?:4] - quest?onmarc
Uprising (Tool Mix) [out on Apocalypsis] - quest?onmarc
Hellraiser [from ?:III] - quest?onmarc

??? - quest?onmarc vs. Neana
Do You Like It? - quest?onmarc vs. Neana
Smokescreen [from ?:III] - quest?onmarc
Milan Fashion Week [from ?:II] - quest?onmarc

Yeah Yeah (quest?onmarc Remix Instrumental) - L-Vis 1990 ft. Flohio
??? - quest?onmarc
Battle Beat I - quest?onmarc
Thunder Glitch - quest?onmarc
Record Skip (Make My) - quest?onmarc x Itaaai
??? - quest?onmarc
Work - NYX (quest?onmarc & L-Vis 1990)
??? - quest?onmarc
Archangel (quest?onmarc bootleg) - Burial
Midnight Request Line (quest?onmarc bootleg) - Skream
Near Dark (quest?onmarc bootleg) - Burial
??? - quest?onmarc vs. Neana
No Idol (Remix) - DJ Haram
Just Walk - NYX
Sweyn Flu (?’s Banji Cunt Flu Bootleg) - Sweyn Jupiter & Ikonika
??? - quest?onmarc
Complete Your Collection - Umfang
Scully - 700 Bliss
Hard Lazer Jam - quest?onmarc
Turbulence [from ?:III] - quest?onmarc

Mars in Scorpio - quest?onmarc
Shade - NYX (quest?onmarc & L-Vis 1990)
It’s Complicated - Ziur
??? - quest?onmarc vs. Neana
Shadow [from ?:4] - quest?onmarc
Monolith [from ?:4] - quest?onmarc

??? - NYX
??? [forthcoming on Club Chai] - quest?onmarc
OK! (Louis Me Remix) - quest?onmarc
Radial Blur - quest?onmarc
??? - quest?onmarc
Spiral [from ?:4] - quest?onmarc
Ha Ha HA (quest?onmarc bootleg) - SMF