Our long time friend CCL has been working in the scene for a decade having first connected with them when they worked at Decibel Festival in Seattle. Since then they co-founded TUF, curate for New Forms Festival and secured their space as a DJ with refreshing little interest in playing hard and fast. This mix boast those very talents by taking us through a beautiful journey of low BPM emotional bangers.

Tell us about this mix:

Ok first : It’s such an honor to do a mix, thank you, I love ya’ll so much :)
I’ve started to embrace some of the things I felt were problems to me earlier on in my DJ life, lately—e.g. how messy, non-linear and confusing my DJ “flow” is, often times things end up sounding like a messy emotional soup. This is no different. I’ve been feeling pretty contemplative lately, it’s funny how the ending of an arbitrary amount of time will do this to you. This year marks a decade of me being involved in electronic music and more than half a decade that I’ve been working in social work. I’ve changed a lot over this time period but a few things have remained constant. Both in my work (talking to people who are suicidal) and in myself, one of my biggest takeaways this decade is human being’s remarkable capacity to heal themselves. Music was a huge part of this process for me, so I wanted to put together a mix that reflects this. The mix contains a lot of tracks that remind me of specific times, feelings and people this past 10 years. As Russell EL Butler says, “I play healing music because I need to be healed”.

When did you start DJing?

I started “attempting to DJ” in a basic way around a decade ago, after then I stopped and started many times, but I started buying records when I lived in Bristol. It wasn’t really until I got to Seattle that I tried again seriously, Women’s Beat League and Succubass helped me learn to use CDJs, I got some very useful vinyl tips (thank you Chloe Harris and Goetic Mirror) and I gained more confidence. Even then, I mostly played in my bedroom. I’m not sure who needs to hear this, but don’t give up.

First gig:

My first set in a legit club came about on a friend holiday trip to Tokyo about 4 years ago. My friend DJ Hojo aka Allen Huang, had organized a night at a small club. I played the opening set, and gotta give a shout out to him for believing in me and giving me that amazing opportunity (as well as many more further down the road).

Favorite party ever played:

There's a few, the highlight this year has to be Honcho Campout where I played a 6 hour closing set, my most personal set to date —at the end everyone on the dance floor burst into tears. I’ve never seen anything like that. Unsound was also amazing and inspiring in a different way, I came away with so many ideas.

Fave DJ:

There are so many—those that have influenced my desire to “play everything under the sun” are definitely, Josey Rebelle, DEBONAIR, Gigsta, DJ Marcelle, Physical Therapy and recently saw SHYBOI again and holy And I would be lying if I didn’t say Ben UFO.

Other DJs I admire—Kiernan Laveaux, adab, Akua, Flora FM, Succubass, DJ Brown Amy, Chuan from Shanghai, DJ Voices, Lychee, Sybil, Fana, Dee Diggs, Juana, Russell EL Butler, Ciel, Mx Silkman, Father of Two, Titonton Duvante, T.Wan, Sharlese, Eris Drew, Nazira, nishkosheh, slowcook, Deena Abdelwaheed

Fave producer:

I recently came back from China and have been utterly obsessed with Chinese producers, I think what they are doing is some of the most forward thinking music out there —Goooose, Zaliva-D, 33MYBW, Hyph11e for example.

Additionally been digging, all of the artists on PTP, Rroxymore, w00dy, Parris, Flora FM, Fana, dana, Aleksi Perala, Ali Berger, Lorraine James, Cruel Diagonals, Low Jack, Dillinjah, aya, Russell EL Butler, AceMo & MomaReady, Jana Rush, DJ Fulltono, Slickback, Ariel Zetina, Zuir, 1.8.7, Maurice Fulton, India Jordan, D Tiffany, Debby Friday, Oli XL

Pet peeve when DJing:

People telling me to play harder, play more techno

What’s the best compliment you’ve ever gotten?

After my set at Honcho someone said my set was like was like reading my diary, another person said it made them feel like they were themselves for the first time

Place you’d like to play:

I’d love to play in Asia again, Wax Treatment, DeSchool, FreeRo, Unsound again, any DIY parties put on with love & I would like to play what I play at Berghain (but unlikely haha)

Something you want everyone to know about you:

My real name is pronounced cheeechhhiii not CeeeCeeee.
Or you can also call me CheeeChhhuu :)