Female Wizard

We met Female Wizard whilst on tour in Australia, they played our Sydney Boiler Room and ignited the night to whole other level. Resident of Melbourne party LEFAG, here they take things off the dance floor with this very thoughtfully paced mix, deliberately geared towards non-club listening. They layer minimal, with experimental with club; delivering a masterclass in how to build a set.

Tell us about this mix:

As a DJ, I desire to push audiences and myself to embrace risk and to emphasise DJing as a space of sonic experiences and perception beyond a tool for partying, spectacle and entertainment. I love recording mixes as they allow you to be way more explorative than club sets, this mix is no exception.

When did you start DJing?

5 years ago

First gig:

Playing pop songs at a gay bar

Favorite party ever played:

I’ve held a residency at a party called Le Fag for three years now, every single one of those have been my favourite gigs

Fave DJ:

Harold, D-Grade, Jennifer Loveless, MTLDA

Fave producer:

Bergsonist, Via App, Xosar, Metrist, Terrence Dixon, Odete, Hextape, Rrose, Shackleton, Sendai, Nick Klein, Mark Fell...

Pet peeve when DJing:

Men in the crowd wanting my attention or trying to have conversations with me

What’s the best compliment you’ve ever gotten?

Some people have told me that my sets have changed their perception of music forever. Others have said they’ve had full-blown cathartic spiritual experiences to my sets. These types of comments help me know I’m pushing something that matters.

Place you’d like to play:

anywhere beyond Australia

Something you want everyone to know about you:

I’m also an experimental choreographer and dancer

This Is England (CURL Remix) - Farai
•̂͑̂┬̂͑̂▬̂͑̂§̂͑̂▬̂͑̂┬̂͑̂•̂͑̂ - thrax
君子欲訥於言而敏於行 - Bergsonist
Sleep Rotation - Rae
jaget och maskerna - N1L
Arms and Legs [Variation One] - Rrose x Bob Ostertag
Frozen Dirt Trace - Katsunori Sawa
Tetras Part - Sendai
Kalimba (Dealy Remix) - Pal +
Airbourne Shuffle - Via App
Taorak - PTU
Thumb Governance - Zoe McPherson
ONJA - Slikback x Osheyack
200 Fast 200 Furious - Hextape
Public Speaker - Strahinja Arbutina
Kellner Changed November For Me - Basic House x Metrist
This Is England - Farai