Shannen SP

Shannen SP is one of the steering forces behind the iconic UK label Hyperdub and her vision shines through on this mix. Including predominantly afro-artists, the set effortlessly stands out with an intentional endorsement for non-eurocentric. She treats us to sounds often overlooked by the European scene, making a bold statement of what scenes we should be listening to.

Tell us about this mix:

this is a mix made up of tracks from my favourite producers and for this reason i really wanted to let the tracks breathe. It's a live mix done during late night studio session, it's not over-polished and that's how I like it. Most of the tracks are by afro artists or those influenced by afro drums and rhythm patterns. It has a metallic industrial feel in places and but is warm and colourful too. Stylistically I'm drawn to loose, rough and raw percussion, layered polyrhythms, just witchy black energy. Rough Textures. I'm not really into anything too...rigid.

When did you start DJing?

2 years ago was the first time I touched a deck.

First gig:

It was in a DIY indoor hot tub and sauna at Ormside Projects in London, ran by Jlte. I played in my bikini and there were a few naked people in the front row. A few weeks later I did a residents warm up set the 4th ever Ø, which is the monthly club / installation night I run with Kode9. That was the night was Bjork made a secret appearance, it's been surreal.

Favorite party ever played:

Right now I'd have to say Nyege Nyege Festival in Uganda - the music programming was next level and the diversity of their crowds is the stuff of dreams.

Fave DJ:

ok, i'm gonna shout out a few - Dj Lag, Jlte, Mana is a sick DJ. RP Boo. Stingray. Okwilliams. DJ Haram. All the Hyperdub crew. I like sets that take you somewhere.

Fave producer:

Nazar, Lechuga Zafiro, Nidia Minaj and I'm obsessed with FAKA. Really feeling amapiano as well so King Jazz and Vigro Deep.

Pet peeve when DJing:

Probably when bigger artists leech off the ideas of people with a smaller platform, without crediting or supporting them. Not into that. Appropriation and erasure also repulses me in dance music. I guess that's more then a pet peeve

Place you’d like to play:

South Africa. I love the way their cities interact with music, everyone is always pushing things forward but it's not in an "underground" or inaccessible way. You'll hear gqom and amapiano on the radio. I'd be having my mind blown by almost every Taxi driver playing fresh tracks they've been given by local Johannesburg producers. People care about music and get joy from it there in such a unique way. My cousins were talking me to amapiano and gqom clubs while I was there last month - you'll get a mixture of every type of person - they're just into this new sound and that's why they're there. To dance. They're ahead of all of us.

Something you want everyone to know about you:

I just wanna say thank you to everyone who shared tracks with me for this love you all x