For our latest installment Archangel beautifully weaves together tracks illustrating the dynamism of club music; a mix that demonstrates the genre’s power and versatility in assisting your turn up or turn down. She’s the founder of Ice Cream Social, a QTPOC party & booking org based in Richmond, Virginia and this is a sample of the power thats poppin off there.

Tell us about this mix:

Atmospheric club. Music for coming up and coming down. “Ethereal Beats To Ascend/Find yourself To”. Exploring learning experiences, humility, and vulnerability.

When did you start DJing?

Almost three years ago.

First gig:

It was the second or third installment of my party, Ice Cream Social. We were booked as an after party for a fundraiser where all the live acts were hardcore bands, so a lot of bros but so many of our friends came out to have fun with us.I couldn’t stop smiling during the set- it really showed me that there was a need for the Ice Cream Social in our community when queer people were willing to come to spaces that they usually would avoid when we were there.

Favorite party ever played:

There've been so many iconic Ice Cream Socials, but my favorite one was when (F)lawless came down to Richmond from Philly to collaborate with us on a show. Not one boring moment. We packed the venue to the brim and I was dripping in sweat for half the show.

My whole tour with BB Basura (ft. OBSIDIAN) this past summer was really magical- but our stop in Middle, Tennessee for Idapalooza takes the cake. Me, BB Basura,OBSIDIAN, Yung Nila, EdgeSlayer, and Heavy Pleasure on the decks all weekend. Going into it, I honestly didn't expect to have such an amazing weekend- it broke all my expectations. Plus- it was great to hear that my set was great for certain activities people got up to in that barn. wink emoji.

Seltzer, VERSION,and 808Sadbois had the best audiences period, and I have a lot of love for the curators.

A special mention is opening for Big Freedia at the Broadberry. Enough said.

Fave DJ:

Every single BB Basura set brings me back to life. Richmond, Philadelphia, Atlanta, and New Orleans have all my favorite Dj’s right now.

Fave producer:

I’ve been listening to The Hunting Dog, Ase Manual, Dazeases, DJ SEGA, and EdgeSlayer on repeat lately. My two favorite production duos right now are Precolumbian x Estoc and ARCHANGEL (meeee) x Sanji the Hedgehog. I have two unreleased tracks from Sanji and I on this mix. I'm pressed on the new stuff that Sofia Lakis has been cooking up and I’m ready for more.

Pet peeve when DJing:

Every time someone tries to have a full blown conversation with me in the middle of blending, a fairy dies.

What’s the best compliment you’ve ever gotten?

“Halfway through your mix I realized I wasn't breathing and let out a big sigh and was like,‘Some things are really beautiful in this life’” and “Your mix sent me through several portals and into a whole new atmosphere.”
Both comments were mad prophetic. It's lit to know that’s what the mix is giving.

Place you’d like to play:

I have a wholeeee list. New Orleans,Chicago, Atlanta,LA, Houston, Pittsburgh and Miami. Uganda, Brazil, Sri Lanka,Montreal, Japan, Australia, and Mexico.

Something you want everyone to know about you:

First off- I was born and raised in Virginia, so don't sleep on nightlife in the south. I curate spaces for people to heal through joy, to fundraise for QTPOC, and the organizations that help them. It’s the momentum behind everything that I do with music- so you should take the trip to Richmond and come to the Ice Cream Social sometime if you’re reading this . I’m in a band called BLVCKPUNX (look us up). I’m looking for opportunities to score films and video games- lmk if you’re finna get to work.

I’m only just getting started- this aint even my final form.

Great Fairy Fountain
B.I.G (Instrumental) Young M.A.
Kill Dem- Breakage
Sell Your Soul-Marcus Intalex
GCA010 BANSHEE-Ecstasy Baby
Miracles- Earth Harp
DIVINE BEAST- ARCHANGEL (Sin Fronteras benefit)
Relaxa- Brzil jersey club baile
Kinda Thing- Sanji the Hedgehog X ARCHANGEL
VIBE- Cookie Kawaii
Dulce- Radical One
Feelings- Mike V
Back to Winning- CalvoMusic
SMOOTHIE- AmenTheProducer
Recital- ARCHANGEL X Sanji The Hedgehog (ft. UNIIQU3)

Tierra Whack-Cable Guy (Morgan Hislop Bootleg)
It G Lit - Team Baile
Cajita Club Tool- Precolumbian X Estoc (Sin Fronteras benefit)
Ha Do Brazil- Foba
Cops on Da Floor -Too Late Productions (Bored Lord Warehouse remix)
Keep Her in The Cage- Steff
Oca- Sanji The Hedgehog *
OJALÁ- BB Basura
Jade Pillar- Premier Glatier (Ft.Recluse)
GENGAR- Slikback
RICH ASS- Ase Manual
Pearls Boot-Lawd Knows
Rage Riddim- Noire
Main Thang-DOUZE
Gemini Rising- DJ Haram (BASSBEAR REMIX)
:3LON Gateway
Title Screen