Adab, the in training and motherbeat affiliate, has been rightfully disrupting monotony by centering a narrative in their sets and an enthralling way of storytelling that we can’t pull away from. This mix is no different, a perfectly wonky one that we need right now.

Tell us about this mix:

I’d say, humbly, it’s definitely meant to feel like a brief psychedelic plunge into Motherbeat sonic territory. With the end of retrograde happening within the same window (aswell as my 30th birthday) it only seemed right to release a mix that attempted to conjure lush, cavernous visions of self, ancestry, and the mystic energies in between both.

When did you start DJing?

I started attempting to DJ in 2009 via a Numark Total Control LE I was sent as a gift by a dear friend (Keven Barrera) when he was stationed in Afghanistan. From 2009 to 2014 I played with minor djing in various forms. However in 2014 I finally started to take it seriously upon finding the In Training Crew and getting back into dance music after years removed from it.

First gig:

Oh damn this made me think back on a lot. I’m pretty sure the first instance of being like “booked” for a gig was for my friend Ghost Noises’ (co-collaborator of Heaven is in You) rap set they were doing at The Grog Shop in Cleveland.

Favorite party ever played:

I think right now all the Motherbeat parties with Eris Drew, Kiernan Laveaux, Sold, and Hi-Vis aswell as playing with CCL at Public Records are my recent favorite parties that I’ve played.

Fave DJ:

More like “fave djs”. Off top the Formative four for me are: Bill Converse, Carlous Souffront, Titonton Duvante, and Eris Drew. Then follows, in no order, the entirety of the In Training family, my partner FANA, Tabasheer, Axolotl, Malzof, CCL, Bill Todd, Isabella DiBlasio, Russell Butler, Rosa Terenzi, D. Tiffany, Physical Therapy, Ciel, Clark Price, Naeem, Ondo Gusto, Josey Rebelle, DJ Marcelle, Batu, Turtle Bugg, Kevin Failure, Ghost Noises, livewutang, Wonja, Taylor Bratches, Octo Octa, Sold, Hi-Vis, Mor Elian, Jeffrey Sfire, and many other beloved homies who make this even longer then it is...

Fave producer:

Also a plural answer for me haha, but for simplicity sake I’d say Archetype. Charles Noel’s sound, especially projects like “Indigenous Phonetic” count as the first of a few necessary sparks that truly connected me to the ideas of wanting to conjure Pan African diasporas in my own sound

Pet peeve when DJing:

The feeling you get when it’s palpable on the dance floor that people aren’t in the space to revel and see things revealed through the music. Not in a “I want people to pay attention to me” way, it’s more so a sentiment about when whatever space that’s existent clearly facilitates a bunch of other (and often less constructive) variables that take away from the direct healing powers of the communal gathering.

What’s the best compliment you’ve ever gotten?

No real outranking one among them I’d say personally. I’m extremely grateful to any support and well wishes for what I’m attempting to present. If anything lately there’s been a really cool outpouring of people of color lending positive enforcement for what I do and that’s been extremely special because it’s in large part for them.

Place you’d like to play:

Nyege Nyege Festival hands down. Everything about the sound and diaspora displayed there puts it easily on my list of dream gigs and places to be. Some of the others I had on my list are happening already inshallah ;)

Something you want everyone to know about you:

I don’t have much in life I think I’m here to do other then bolstering my loves and those who need uplifting in this brief window of existence. No retirement plan. No ego to uphold. Just a wanderer with sounds to share. Much love...✨💖✨