The Unsound and Oramics affiliate Olivia gives us a window into her current adjustment process with this one-take mix full of cathartic barreling, psychedelic, synth-y hitters.

Tell us about this mix:

It’s been a month since the epidemic started and we’re all self-isolating. I know it’s important measure to stay safe but I really miss DJing. So to record this mix I walked into my studio and just went with the flow.
This mix was recorded in one take. I often play at home to make myself feel better, there was a moment I thought “this is it” and pushed a recording button. Nowadays making music and DJing at home keeps me sane, I feel alive thanks to music.

When did you start DJing?

I started when I was a teenager, I mean it wasn't professional at the time of course. My brother and I started collecting records and tried to learn mixing . It took about two years of playing at home before we decided to play together in clubs. So I think I can say that in clubs I have DJing for about 15 years.

First gig:

It was in a small club in Krakow on a Thursday night, my brother, me and our friend were on the line up. All our friends came to support us. Even though I was so stressed, I still remember how bad my mixes were and how my hands were shaking! But despite all this, it was a great night, our friends were dancing all the time, it was an amazing feeling! Ah and I had a really stupid DJ name that time. Hehe it’s very funny, the manager of the place asked my brother what name he has to put on the poster and he didn't know what to say so with our friend they thought to do a joke and told him that my name is Rema 1000. I was shocked when I saw the poster but also laughed a lot. In The beginning, when we played together it was just a hobby and fun, we didn’t take it too seriously. But yeah the word was different and clubbing wasn’t such a business world back then. ;)

Favorite party ever played:

Unsound, every year is very special for me and all parties with the Nachtdigital crew.

Fave DJ:

there’s so many! I don’t want to miss anyone but I’m pretty sure I will, so sorry in advance!
I really like Nina, Elena Sizova, Kinzo Chrome, Traxx, Lee Gamble, Ron Morelli, Marsman, Philip Otterbach, Elena Colombi and Charlie.

Fave producer:

Hiro Kone, Chino, Giant Swan, December, Beau Wanzer, Maoupa Mazzocchetti, Kris Baha, Group A, Resina.

Pet peeve when DJing:

Poor monitoring.
I also don’t like when it is too bright and when the light is direct on me, I’m quite a shy person and when it is too bright it stresses me out and I feel uncomfortable.

What’s the best compliment you’ve ever gotten?

When people have fun and dance during my set is always the best compliment.

Place you’d like to play:

In the terms of living in epidemic time, now I would be happy to have a chance to play anywhere. To be honest I’m always very grateful to every single promoter who books me and I'm always happy to go to every new place I haven’t been before. My dream of playing somewhere is more connected with the place/ country I would like to see. I would love to visit New Zealand, Australia, South America and Greenland.

Something you want everyone to know about you:

I believe in UFOs. I am deeply interested in supernatural phenomena and I am also very superstitious.

Senor Chugger - Newton Abbot Reunion (Moustache Records)
Cándido - Kilos de Placer (VTC)
Reka X Imperial Black Unit - Tropas de la Muerte (Fleisch)
Chris Mitchell - Trks (Squirrels On Acid)
Randstad - God Lust (If - Only)
Beau Wanzer - Morning Pain (Brew)
Olivia - Freak (forthcoming Dalmata Daniel)
Luke Vibert - Manval (I Love Acid)
Locked Club - Whisper (Private Persons)
Drvg Cvltvre - The Dead in London Basements (New York Trax)
Swarm Intelligence - Extraction (New York Trax)
Ratsnake - that One time
Raymond D. Barre - Knulp (Acid Avengers)
Chino - Autostrada (forthcoming Uncanny Valley)
Shcuro - The Predator’s Dream (Dark Entries)
Le Chocolat Noir - Fragment (Marguerite Records)
Radiation 30376 - Lost (forthcoming Pinkman)
L.F.T. - Alles Was Du Hasst (Eye For An Eye Recordings)
Men With Secrets - The Misfortunes Of Virtues (The Bunker New York)
Der Zyklus - Der Tonimpulstest (Gigolo Records)