Manchester-based producer/DJ anz guides us accurately through our current feelings with tracks that pivot from dark to light, sharply pivoting genres and ultimately our emotions which paints a coherent picture of the world’s current shifting mood.

Tell us about this mix:

Ah for once I have so much to say about a mix. It was recorded at home on my janky cdjs, the very last night before it was due (sorry Frankie!). I don’t think I’ve ever held off recording a mix for this long before, but with how the world is at the minute I couldn’t figure out what to put together? I’ve been feeling introspective and moody and caged in and anxious and full of energy, but then there are these sweeping moments of optimism for when we can all come together again. So I guess that’s what this mix is, within the framework of the dance music I love. I sneaked in a first listen of a new track by me, and there’s a bit of modified Rashad towards the end too - I’ve been thinking about his music a lot at the minute.

I really can’t wait for us all to hold each other in the rave again, and I hope this mix can help tide us over until then.

When did you start DJing?

I started djing 4 and a bit years ago now. I kicked off with producing and I was getting messages from people asking to book me and I was like ‘wait, to do what’ lol. Started learning on some CDJ 100s not long after (out to the jet function), and my first gig was a b2b with Jungle Joe in Liverpool, January 2016. We called ourselves Clash Bandicoot that time and never again.

First gig:

Favorite party ever played:

You know what, the Manchester Boiler Room show at Soup Kitchen is honestly my favourite party in memory. I don’t think I’ve ever been in a room more up for it in my life, right from the first set at 6 or 7pm (Annabel Fraser). There was so much palpable energy from everyone, and I reflect on that specific feeling often. Close second is probably A Party Called: True, our final dance before lockdown. I think we all knew it would be the last in a while so maybe we danced a little harder.

Fave DJ:

Jungle Joe, the coldest dj and jungle selector I know. We started together and he absolutely runs laps around me. And then Sicaria Sound, Finn, Re:ni, India Jordan, Darwin, Danielle and Jossy Mitsu are all really REALLY good. OK Williams is also one of my favourites; I had the pleasure of b2b-ing with her at Tola in London and once life is approaching normality I hope we get booked for another (cc: any promoters).

Fave producer:

Okay this is tough. I love Commodo. KG (who just put out a killer new EP) also happens to be one of the purest souls in the whole industry. Eva808, Scratcha DVA, Breaka, LCY, Hagan and Afrodeutsche are all doing great things. And I’m really into synergy heavy production teams like Borai + Denham Audio, AceMo + MoMa Ready. They kinda remind me of the stacked rave aliases you see on well loved record sleeves.

Pet peeve when DJing:

Definitely people fiddling with stuff while I’m playing during a b2b! Big stress. Sometimes you mesh perfectly and it all makes sense, but the majority of the time it just makes me anxious. Close second pet peeve is my own sleeves getting in the way. Once (at my first set) I knocked the play button with my sleeve and stopped a track mid-blend. To this day I DJ with my arms held up and away from the cue buttons like a chicken.

What’s the best compliment you’ve ever gotten?

Anyone buying my music / booking me for shows, 100%. At some point I’m sure you get used to this, but there are so many moments en route to parties where I think howw is this happening?

Place you’d like to play:

De School, definitely. Also I feel like Bossa Nova is the stuff of fables? In general I’d love for music to take me to NYC one day. And I don’t know if this one counts, but I’m sad I never got the chance to play at the West Indian Centre in Leeds. Sending love to Simon and the Sub Dub crew.

Something you want everyone to know about you:

I’m awful at replies. I sometimes get really overwhelmed and disconnect from everything so my inboxes and texts are a mess, and a massive source of guilt. If I’ve ever accidentally aired you, please know I don’t mean it and gimme another shout!