NK Badtz Maru

One of the most prominent rising DJs from Brooklyn right now, NK Badtz Maru, is steering the eclectic techno sound coming of the scene at the moment. She unapologetically blends rap bangers with techno and trance, making the dance floor experience one of the most accessible spaces. A local treasure, who we'd consider one to watch globally. Check out her Q&A and mix below :)

Tell us about this mix:

Been feeling nostalgic for magical NY summer raves, thinking about fake grass and Tina's and ivy house and parties that stopped happening and sick fucking parties that are just starting... been a corny ass mf'er but here's a love letter to the rave and all the ravers and also an apology for the time I forgot I liked techno.

When did you start DJing?

I learned to DJ at my friend David's house 3y ago where he would just leave me alone with two CDJs and let me do whatever I want. I used to head to his house after class, grab some beers + order delivery, and we would stay up mixing til like 5am! He introduced me to people years ago that I'm still friends with today, and was nothing but supportive to the moon and back to me and I'm forever grateful.

First gig:

Opening the first Plastic Dreams party! s/o Logan G (real and dj name) Was so nervous I almost barfed on the bus ride there but I got to play some weeeiiird shit and also s/o Plastic Dreams going to Movement this year

Favorite party ever played:


Fave DJ:

tbh gotta call out all the freaky shakers in NY... Akua, Phoneg1rl, Su Baykal, Enayet + Doxa, Sin Pit, Ushka, Sissy Elliott.... omfg I can't, honestly anyone who has played Hot N Spicy is like... a dream booking so just google it lmao

Fave producer:

aaaaaahhhhhhhhhh see above.

Pet peeve when DJing:

When dudes scream into your ear at the club.... bitch go sit down it's too loud and nothing you have to say is that important it can wait goodbye

What’s the best compliment you’ve ever gotten?

anytime a woc says hi like... yall the ones i'm really reading the room for!

Place you’d like to play:

Maybe Korea and Asia... Seoul Community Radio? Also a very Skins/Matrix/Blade warehouse forest field rave ha ;)

Something you want everyone to know about you:

Being humble towards change and being able to apologize is amazing and beautiful.. been trying to work on that for myself lately. real 1s alrdy know 🐰