Nahi Mitti

UK-based Nahi Mitti, skillfully swerves through a galaxy of genres including her own tracks and edits. Illustrating her affection for the unorthodox which extends beyond her track choices and into her technical style of layering and relentless momentum that’s nothing short of captivating.

Tell us about this mix:

It’s ended up as pretty(,) emo, definitely informed mostly by dance music; it feels kind of strict, like a snare roll can be, but also empty, like a broken jar (or a snare roll?). But… a bit spooky at times, beware!! Feel like it’s in 2 (or more) diagonally-divided parts, like the pic?

When did you start DJing?

Actually there’s been a few first attempts, but, kind of desperately, one of the first first times was when I tried to put a beatmatched mix together in a video editor(…?) in June 2017. It came out nothing like the mix I wanted, tho I think that unloved video has haunted me since... Another seemingly less spooky first was when I started DJ mixing live in February 2018.

First gig:

It was an iNcLuSiVe party in Sheffield in 2018...

Favorite party ever played:

Seguewaying from the last question (idk if you know but i'm a dj): tbh yet to have had my straight(!) Top 10 Saddest Anime Villain Death - Best Moments experience, bc at my otherwise most favourite gigs I’ve had some bad and lasting things happen in the same events/spaces. That said, Femmi, at Dalston Superstore, has had faith in my work longer than I really have and that gave me, amongst other things, a really very precious moment of playing for a friend who isn’t with us physically anymore <3 And, tho not gigs as such, a workshop that Yaeji hosted in 2018 and a moment of playing Prom (the SZA song) for DJ Winggold last summer are very precious for me too :))

Fave DJ:

Difficult question but I’d say there’s Asmara and Manara, for me. Idk, but I’d probably not be DJing if I hadn’t heard their work, separately and together. But that also goes for Lady Amz, DJ EZ, Ikonika, Sayang, Epic B, mobilegirl, plugkeisha, DJ Easy, Tzusing, CRYSTALLMESS and Zoya.

Fave producer:

Most/all of the people I’ve played on this mix? The people mentioned in other answers who do produce are most likely gna be faves - but: klein, UNIIQU3, Elysia Crampton Chuquimia, Cooly G, NÍDIA, Sheila Chandra, Janet, Jam & Lewis, StupidXool, The-Dream, Jai and A.K. Paul, Nailah Blackman and Anson Productions, Jlin and Tadleeh/ Petit Singe.

Pet peeve when DJing:

Lol maybe unsolicited advice/chatting? A DJ is someone who is (usually) DJing when they're DJing. Even outside of that, there’s ways of talking to/engaging with strangers with respect and care. WikiHow it?

What’s the best compliment you’ve ever gotten?

People being warm and/or generous is something I don't take for granted, and in spooky clubs/this spooky life, it feels so good.

Place you’d like to play:

Hmm i'd be down to go to many diff places! MISERY in London, Lisbon... Jalandhar... Magna... Berghain (i think they'd miss me!)...?

Something you want everyone to know about you:

Lol I’m going to be direct and say that i'm looking to join a radio platform so, if you like all this and know something/one, maybe lmk? And, on another note, that I hope I’m warmer than people seem to keep reading me as? Idk tho, but pls come n say hi if you want to (wikihow b4 if you need to)!

klein – Silent
Zoya – rab janda
Joe Hisaishi - shimpi naru e
KG & Scratchclart – Touch (Reprise)
Adekunle Gold & Nailah Blackman – AG Baby
low lov – let me love you in the bedroom (loool)
Toru Takemitsu – Tsurumaru’s Flute
Lotic – Burn A Print
Nessa Preppy – Majah
Prince and the Revolution – Power Fantastic
Kojo Funds ft. Kranium – My Wish
MALUCA & NGUZU – Trakalosa
Sayang – JALAN
Zubotnik - Cazaa
Nahi Mitti – Switch Sexuality
Time Cow & RTKal - Elephant Man
Arca - Time
Keyshia Cole ft. Missy Elliott, Lil Kim - Let It Go (Acapella)
Yaeji – THESE DAYS 요즘 (Nahi Mitti Stain)
Speightsrawkid – Hot Jun Weather
MFR Souls ft. Natalia Mabaso - Call Again
The Verve – Slide Away
Janet Jackson ft. Carly Simon – Son of a Gun (I Betcha Think This Song Is About You) (Instrumental)
The Verve – Star Sail
Gooooose & DJ Scotch Egg – JAC (Slikback Remix)
Nahi Mitti – Nahi Sabhera and Sabhera team up on (a(?)) creep
Sardara Gill – Soho Road
Nahi Mitti – Yeah like just letting book blow in wind like some mystical sage / Doesn’t say another word and rides off
Thelma Houston – You Used to Hold Me So Tight (12” Version)
Arca ft. Shygirl - Watch
Jenn Morel - Mango
SOPHIE – Leeds Heaven And Hell
SOPHIE – Pony Whip
P. Adrix - 6.6.6
Ammy Virk and Mannat Noor – Chidi Blauri (Nahi Mitti Edit)
Rafael Aragon & Stas – Ik Vari Do Vari (n4h1[s433r4]vdovtinvcarvari Edit)
Loraine James ft. Jonnine – Don’t You See It
Zoya - khudafiz
Infinite – 추격자 (The Chaser) (Mitti’s Petrol Station (stay in ur) Stain)
Jai Paul x 33EMYBW x MIIN – (Unfinished) English
Roy Davis Jr. & Peven Everett – Gabriel (Nahi Ss Witchy Underneath Motorway Introlude)
Deena Abdelwahed – Abbrejiyeytar
Dominowe – The After Party (broken Shandis)
Actress – Crushed
Electrik Red – Friend Lover
DJ Kolt - Africanalidade
Nahi Mitti – Mitti Vargi (I heard the rumours of dogs on the loose in this area… they dashed me into rocks and quarry!)
TAYHANA – Club Paraíso
Teyana Taylor ft. Kehlani – Morning (Nahi Mitti Boleel Stain)
Martyn Bootyspoon – Yeehaw Emoji (Face with Cowboy Hat)
Sonique – It Feels So Good
NÍDIA – Nunun
CYPHR x Ms. Dynamite – Talk (Dis Fig Bootie)
Nahi Mitti - Blue Nahi went up old track, reached body of water, got assimilated and disappeared into blue (2 Year Anniversary Mix)
Cooly G x Elysia Crampton – DIRTY ORION
UNiiQU3 vs. UNiiQU3 vs. Madonna – UNiiQU3.0 WORLD
Janet Jackson – Empty
Dflex and X3me – Tassa Wine (Dholak Synthtrumental)
645AR ft. FKA twigs – Sum Bout U
Tink - Surprizes
klein – west end vs warri
klein vs FKA twigs – 123-claim it
Loraine James – Sex
NÍDIA – Emotions
Nahi Sabhera - spit in my [netted] mouth (performance) (+ On + On)
Nadia Rose - Station
Nahi Mitti – If those walls breathe (twat was lowered, could see, and cross, the lines of earth lined and were shore, and, tbh, were smoother than that weird grid pattern in the cold waveforms)
Kanchan Sapera – Mohbatadi Lagai re Chhora
Pop Smoke – Something Specia