So lucky to have London’s A.G do our latest mix, she came up in the grime scene establishing her own distinct production and DJ style that in turn has defined a London sound itself. This mix is no different tapping into our nostalgia but with imaginative edits and blends, a perfect chaotic vibe.

Tell us about this mix:

I’m currently in the middle of moving out, I haven’t been in a club for 4 months due to the pandemic so I haven’t felt like a DJ in ages and life in general has been hectic so this mix is a lot of chaotic energy and emotion. Featuring a lot of songs Ive been listening to in the house, a forthcoming release from me & it starts and ends with Janet Jackson

When did you start DJing?

I started teaching myself to dj live on pirate radio in late 2009 early 2010, started getting good after a year (or 2)

First gig:

My first gig was in 2012 in a club in Hackney that right next to my college down the road from my primary school which always makes me smile as I wouldn’t have had it any other way

Favorite party ever played:

I've played a lot of amazing parties but forever in my heart is the first 'Luv Island', a night me n Manara threw in Tottenham right after playing Lovebox Festival, We’d spent the whole day wondering if anyone would show up as we'd only had a week to promote it but the line to get in stretched all the way down the street full of friends. Was the best feeling to have our community show out like that.

Fave DJ:

My fav DJ is A.G when she's in her feelings.

Fave producer:

I've got too many but probs Mariah Carey for her production on The Roof.

Pet peeve when DJing:

Headphones getting tangled in my hair

What’s the best compliment you’ve ever gotten?

when newer djs say I’m the reason they started, even though I wanna say welcome to a world of pain, I’m always touched to have impacted someone else on their journey.

Place you’d like to play:

Tokyo, New Orleans & Nigeria are on the bucket list & I need to go back to Uganda for Nyege Nyege Festival

Something you want everyone to know about you:

New music coming soon! Also shout outs to HUB16 Music School, I tutor & host workshops there for those local that want to start, theres also Ableton courses and you can book rooms to record mixes/ practice in and if it wasn't for the Boss lady Samantha loaning me decks this lockdown this mix wouldn't of been possible. Love you Sam!


Janet Jackson - Nasty
Oliver Twist - Side By Top
MC pikachu - There In My Shack ( SertOne Edit)
Efflex - Sound the alarms
Nora Zion x Burna -Baby Boy bootleg
Leonce - Lowkey (Leonce's Funky Remix)
P Jam & Dexplicit - Untitled
Bored Lord - Slide -
Oliver Twist - Pulse xiii
Megan Thee Stallion - Sex talk
Girl Uni - Wut (b thorough remix)
Arma - Jodeci
Defiant - Harikiri
Chloe x Halle -Forgive Me
Mischief - Summer Walking
Summer Walker Ft. Usher - Come through
Cardinal Sound - Relegation Riddim
Dave Quam - The Perfect Find
DJ Ces - Tekkers remix
More Night - Floor Seats Remix
Silencer - Spain
DJ R3LL - Break up, I’m Bored
Sh?m - Set it off Remix
Mariah Carey - Fantasy Sweet
Arma - Jeremih 2019
Shola Ama - Imagine Club Asylum Remix
Dj Niro - Grime kid
Empire of the sun - walking on a dream
Skepta - Love me not
Make my Dei - Equiss
Jojo - Man (freeza chin remix)
A.G - Emotionless (Club Kiss)
Missy Elliot - one minute man ( JMKM ctrl Blend)
JD Reid - You should’ve belonged to the night
J Hus - No Denying
Equiss - Blast
Janet Jackson - I Get So Lonely
A.G - GML 1000