First met Martha when she interviewed us for Resident Advisor at our first Berlin show in 2016, she's been a staple voice in the London radio scene for a while now and the last couple years she's been honing in on her love for DJing. This mix boasts the rich sounds of London grime and rap cushioned by more experimental and ambient sounds, an education in what we should be listening to; putting us on to artists who we should not be missing.

Tell us about this mix:

I started out with some darker sounds that you might find in my NTS shows and ended up deep into my club set. you’ll hear ambient, club, grime instrumentals + voices of the women thriving in the uk rap scene.

When did you start DJing?

I started doing the radio age 16 and then learnt about mixing tracks together soon after that. radio has always been my main focus but in the last 2 years i’ve started to feel more and more comfortable dj’ing, i’ve found my voice and I’m ready to start showing everyone :)

First gig:

when I was 17 at a UK funky event in new cross, south Ldn with my friend Freya, we used to dj together when I started out.

Favorite party ever played:

Hyperdub’s Ø party at corsica studios ! I played before Fatima al Qadiri who I admire a lot. Plus I got to see J Hus perform at brixton academy earlier that evening so it was the best day ever. Ø is still my favourite party, the crowd are very respectful and it’s full of regulars every month. The music is always on point and they put a film or art installation in the other room.

Fave DJ:

this is a tough one :O kode9 or A.G or Air Max ’97

Fave producer:

sky h1 or A2

What’s the best compliment you’ve ever gotten?

Once someone told me I embody the community spirit of radio and that really had me lost for words. Radio is really special to me and I’ve always had a big radio family around me ever since I started working in music. It’s something I actively seek out and couldn’t live without, so that comment really stuck with me.

Place you’d like to play:

I’d love to play any/every Sonar festival. Sonar opened up my mind to a lot of music and styles of dj’ing when I was younger so that’s a major one for me.

Something you want everyone to know about you:

I have a run club for dj’s and musicians called Tempo. We set it up last summer to give people who work in music a space to come together and exercise regularly. it’s probably the thing I’m most proud of.

LOFT - Lassanamae [Tri Angle]
KABLAM - Plague
S x m b r a - Glass Wall [Bound Centre]
Mr. Mitch - Not Modular [Pressure]
Elheist - AMO
Mobilegirl - Forest Coloss [Staycore]
Alex Wang - Hydraulic Machine [Zoom Lens]
Br3nya - Next Up? - S2-E20 [Mixtape Madness]
Simkin - System [All Centre]
Warrego Valles - coupdotexe (mapalma remix)
Mxshi Mo - Eee Yea [More Time]
Flohio - Wild Yout [Alpha]
Scratchclart - Kodjo's Return
Batu - Shiratani [Time Dance]
Loyalty XIX ft. DJ Heroin - Cerate
Air Max ’97 ft. TSVI - Paroxysm [Decisions]
Ikonika - Void
Dreezy - Play Wit Ya [Interscope]
Yazzus - Ghoulish
Shay D - Gimme Dat
quest?onmarc - Overground
DJ Khaled ft. Cardi B & 21 Savage - Wish Wish [Epic/We The Best]
Backlit - Water
Abigail & Ivoriandoll - Spare Me
invxrsion - witchcraft
Future - Please Tell Me [Epic]
Filthy Gears - Rider
Lady Shocker - Bow for the Wolf
Otik - Dioxide (Bruce’s Carbon Reduction) [DEXT Recordings]
Digga D - Imagine [CGM Records]
Asmara - True Story Dude
Sky H1 - Air [CODES]
Skepta - Bullet From a Gun [Boy Better Know / Essential]LOFT - Lassanamae [Tri Angle]