Born and raised in Venezuela, Hyperaktivist got her start opening a club and throwing raves there however the political climate provided severe challenges in doing so. She now resides in Berlin and has been throwing her own parties Mess & Mala Junta, which have popped off. This year she made a dent in BK via Latin America x Unter Boiler room, sending folks into a hypnotic techno frenzy with her set and lets just say the same goes for her mix here.

Tell us about this mix:

This mix is energetic, groovy, heavy in percussions, with a touch of latin vibes,
it takes you to different places, I like to think it sets a sexy vibe on the dance floor, thats very important for me.

When did you start DJing?

I started Djing around 10 years ago, When I was around 17 people started to invite me to their parties to take care of the music as they knew I had this big music collection, from there to see a Dj playing for the 1st time and being completely fascinated about it the transition came very naturally. Short after I opened a club with 3 of my best friends, it was the 1st club dedicated exclusively to electronic music in my city, we called it SOLO which means alone in Spanish as it was the only one of its kind. We had it for 4 amazing years, at this time I was also throwing illegal free parties in the streets or abandoned spaces with the intention of making electronic music more accessible to everyone since back then only a small group of people that could afford to travel had a real access to it. The scene in Venezuela was flourising, unfortunately the political situation began to deteriorate more and more, in 2002 we got an “exchange control” imposed by the government that wouldn’t allow us to access any foreign currency unless we would go to a specific office to ask permission. After that many artists and musicians started to flee the country and everything basically stopped evolving and eventually even happening.

First gig:

My first gig was at a club in Maracaibo, my city in Venezuela when I was 19.

Favorite party ever played:

Ufff Tough one, There’s been quite a few very special ones. I gotta say Cxema in Kiev is for sure a highlight, Boiler Room Latin America x Unter was such a blast and without question every Mess at Ohm and Mala Junta which are the two parties I organise in Berlin, they are very especial to play, all the friends and people that support us is usually present and its such a family affair, those nights and mornings mean a lot cause when you see everything you worked for going on and the people enjoying it and being part of it, you kinda feel the circle becomes full.

Fave DJ:

So many friends killing it right now, Dj tool, Ezy, Philippa Pacho, Nasty Muravyova, Lund&Rønde, MadAlba and gotta admit I really love all the people thats been playing in both Mess and Mala Junta they’re all doing such a good job.

Fave producer:

Sugar, D.dan, Schacke, Dasha Rush, Adriana Lopez, Susumu Yokota... so many!!

Pet peeve when DJing:

When the next Dj mix in a track instead of letting your last track finish.
Having the sound technician standing behind you during your whole set
Bad monitoring

What’s the best compliment you’ve ever gotten?

I’m so happy and grateful every time I get positive feedback about a gig, someone taking the time to write me a message, When Dj’s I look up to have come to me to say something positive or when people comes to me at the parties and tells me how all this work is helping the community. It means so much.

Place you’d like to play:

Bassiani, São Paulo have a super interesting flourishing scene and I can’t wait to play in South Korea, Japan and China.

Something you want everyone to know about you:

I might come out as a very social persona, truth is I'm terrible at small talking and takes me a bit of time to open, other than that, Im also a journalist and I like to take every opportunity I have to reach some people to talk a bit about the political situation in Venezuela and the humanitarian crisis my country is experiencing, if you ever want to get informed on whats going on, get in touch.