Manchester's Hesska steps up for our next mix. The Club CITS & NTS resident comes out flexing, her knowledge and obsession with music is apparent and shown by the intricate narrative's she weaves throughout her selections using dramatic, creative yet seamless transitions. You're in for a treat.

Tell us about this mix:

i guess I’m always fighting between wanting to play lots of visceral stuff that reflects how I feel about the world most of the time and also just wanting to have a dance. The two go together quite well tho....

When did you start DJing?

2013 - I taught myself to mix in the month between the first two parties of a night I used to run with a couple of mates called Gesamtkunstwerk.

First gig:

that second Gesamtkunstwerk Party- Gesamtkunstwerk has weirdly become one of those legendary nights that hardly anyone ever went to but everyone talks about

Favorite party ever played:

probably the Mutualism night at Partisan that Ariel Zetina headlined. I played in my spritual home of the closing slot. Also I had such a good time playing the first ever Queer Noise Club run by AJA in Nottingham, such a special party <3

Fave DJ:

hahahaha as if I can pick just one... Off the top of my head some of the most mind blowing people I’ve seen DJ have been Shyboi, Juliana Huxtable and Dis Fig. Oh and Tutu... and Anz obviously

Fave producer:

it actually is completely impossible for me to narrow this down so I would just say check my NTS show for a load of recommendations... I DJ cos I really fucking LOVE music so there’s a phenomenal amount of stuff I like. A load of my faves are in this mix too so check the tracklist x

Pet peeve when DJing:

being too far away from the crowd, I really hate being in a booth high above the dancefloor

What’s the best compliment you’ve ever gotten?

I know a friend said something that really touched me the other week and now I can’t remember it. Shit!!! I remember saying it was the nicest thing anyone ever said tho at the time!!!

Place you’d like to play:

It’s maybe a bit obvious but it’d have to be Unsound - that place has loads of special memories for me.

Something you want everyone to know about you:

there literally isn’t anything I really need people to know about me, get yourself educated about the important stuff and let’s try and sort out this absolute shitshow of world politics right now x


Klein - For What Worth ft. Matana Roberts - loop
Debby Friday - Night Fictive (feat. Chino Amobi)
Slikback & Osheyack - ONJA
Exploited Body - Dysphoria
Nazar - Berghain Assault
Zaliva-D - Calling (Tayhana Remix)
N1L - reality distortion field
Xin - Crrrash!
AGF - Gaea [Greek]
Clemency - unreleased
Amazondotcom - A Flower, Nocturnal and Permanent
Object Blue - Fuck the Stasis
Chants - Assiah Dance
1127 - A2-Fragmented. Thought Train - قطر فكر. بس مجزء
AceMo - Acid Noir
Afrodeutsche - Drink
M T Hall - Places Between Separation [unreleased]
Sonia Calico - Hougong Crash 後宮亂鬥
Precolumbian and Estoc - CCT02
quest?onmarc - Red Alert
Jennifer Walton - Cheat Lie Steal
Moor Mother - After Images
Griffit Vigo & Scratchclart - Goosebumps [Pt.1]
Rey Sapiens - Entainetment
Loraine James - Sick 9
R. Penicillin and Prylene - Broken Immersion
Slikback & Hyph11e - SHIMIAN
W00DY - Came 2 Party
Gabber Modus Operandi - Tekyan