goth jafar

Internet icon goth jafar leads a huge following based on her impeccable tastes via her original twitter @arabthot which was recently suspended, but she’s now rapidly amassing followers yet again @gothjafar continuing with her sharp takes on pop and electronic music. This mix encapsulates those takes, every transition and track is as sharp as the next, successfully combing her love of pop and techno from 90s to now.

She's dedicated this to Terrell Davis and Sophie Xeon, RIP xoxo

Tell us about this mix:

tell us about this mix: this mix is a celebration of me coming into my womanhood and exploring my trans identity it’s sacred and beautiful like all the people who have inspired me and got me to this point in my life, doing a discwoman mix is something i’ve wanted and manifested for literal years my closest friends can attest to that so this is just a huge honor for me. this mix is an experience i want you to feel sexy after crying it’s a videogame with levels of escapism, i’d like to dedicate this mix to sophie xeon and terrell davis [for maximum effects of euphoria get high and listen to this with your loved ones]

When did you start DJing?

literally during quarantine lmao

First gig:

my first gig was for club quarantine on a lineup with a.g. cook, hannah diamond, namasenda, himera and lil data which is surreal to me because they’re all people i’ve looked up to for years so for that to be my first gig is insane

Favorite party ever played:

hasn’t happened yet

Fave DJ:

Danny l harle

Fave producer:

Danny l harle / Sophie

Pet peeve when DJing:

the stress

What’s the best compliment you’ve ever gotten?

that they always knew i was a girl because i’m too articulate to be a f***** (you can censor that lmao)

Place you’d like to play:

as simple as this sounds i fantasize about playing at papi juice in elsewhere’s zone 1 post covid it would be a full circle moment because me and my friends go to every papi juice it’s a tradition, my debut papi juice set will be the one my friends fly out for but aiming higher after that tokyo, berghain i want to be flewed out all over

Something you want everyone to know about you:

i’m a gemini with a pisces moon with hrt placements of a sag sun with a scorpio moon i’m crazy but i’m free

☆ is it cold in the water [piano synth] - stella gunther
☆ is it cold in the water - sophie
☆ gelato - sophie + shygirl
☆ siren - shygirl
☆ castles in the sky - ian van dahl (dj lucid castle in the night mix)
☆ be a bawdy - lsdxoxo [unreleased]
☆ die another day (punchfist mix) - madonna + lsdxoxo [unreleased]
☆ i’m in it (dancehall) - kanye west + t5umut5umu
☆ mariposa (kamixlo remix) - isabella lovestory
☆ codeine crazy (instrumental) - future
☆ good days - sza + sxylk
☆ goin nuts (instrumental) - vtss (unreleased)
☆ i think i’m over techno - l.a. olympics
☆ moteur action (sophie + a.g. cook remix) - yelle
☆ gone (angwy mix) - charli xcx + syn
☆ nature of consciousness - rudosa
☆ army of me (dvd emil mix) - björk
☆ rave princess - river moon [unreleased comes out valentine’s day <3]
☆ all the things she said - bours
☆ 160 bpm where have u been? - miss jay
☆ gemon trance (double dose mix) - dj spiral
☆ minajihad - sxylk
☆ get outta my cloud! (kylie minogue + evita manji mashup) - dvnots [unreleased]
☆ faceshopping (hyper euphoric reduce me to nothingness trron remake) - sophie
☆ new dawn - stabat mater
☆ the cure (danyo remix) - lady gaga
☆ back2u - alexis
☆ breathing - ice underlord
☆ spire - oldyungmayn + anima
☆ lurk llif3 (cassie x oklou & casey mq blend) - clope dj
☆ anoche (t5umut5umu edit) - arca
☆ blame it on your bible (ayesha erotica x charli xcx blend) - dvnots [unreleased]

with special monologues, poems and quotes from hunter schafer, fatima jamal (fatfemme) and juliana huxtable <33