For our 100th mix New York’s cry$cross delivers an ode to the black trans and queer community with a selection of the upmost energizing tracks seamlessly blended creating the ultimate hypnotic rhythm.

Tell us about this mix:

"I made this mix because too many black queer and trans femmes lives are being taken from us too soon. This world wants to harm us in the physical and spiritual sense; to strip us of all of our happiness and joy. I won’t allow that. I want to honor them and their lives through music and dance. Protect black women, black queer women, black trans women, black non-binary folks, and the like. Shoutout to all of the black queer artists who made the tracks that I featured in this mix. "

When did you start DJing?

I started dj’ing in 2016. I bought my first controller from Sam Ash and used to sit at my laptop for hours downloading music from Soundcloud. I never considered djing because I didn’t play anywhere outside of my basement. Those were the wonder years. I still have those old mixes up on my Soundcloud. I sort of cringe at how dated they are, but they remind me where I came from. Those mixes actually get more plays than my newer mixes!

First gig:

at Max Fish in LES back in 2016! I used to go there all the time. Oh, how times have changed.

Favorite party ever played:

There are too many to count >.< I’d probably say when Halfmoon had the residency at Black Flamingo (July 2019) . I felt like that’s when I started to take dj’ing more seriously. Shoutout to Donis who booked me and recognized my talents from early on, and Devoye whose been such a loyal friend for so many years. Shoutout to both of them for always believing in me <3.

Fave DJ:

all of my friends who inspire me to be a better dj <3

Fave producer:

again, there are too many good ones out there. For the sake of an answer, all of the people whose music I put in this mix.

Pet peeve when DJing:

when people try to talk to me over the booth, as if i can hear what they’re saying, or give af ...

What’s the best compliment you’ve ever gotten?

Anytime someone comes and finds me after a set to tell me how much fun they had I shed a little tear. Sometimes its homies, friends of friends, or even strangers, which I think is even cooler. I just want the people to let loose and have a good time to my sets.

Place you’d like to play:

Paris, Tokyo.

Something you want everyone to know about you:

I think everyone should know that my email is And that the c is lowercase.

Scene 1: Unseen - Tygapaw
Floydian Slip - JADALAREIGN
Rise Up - Play Play
No More Hiding Who I Want to Be - Bored Lord
Lick My Dub - M. Bootyspoon
Thug Nasty - SHE Spells Doom
Feminine Soft feat. DJ Delish & Kevin Jz Prodigy - 2LIVE
All Night - quest?onmarc meets Neana
Fingers Up feat. Tink - DJ NA & Mike Q
I Think I Love You - DJ LOVE
Dark N Lovely Bbymutha Remix - Byrell the Great
Digital Diva 2.0 - UNIIQU3
Mata Hari (Arghtee Remix) - Ase Manual
Head Top - SHYBOI
Who I Am feat. Abdul Ali - Tygapaw
1800-1NITE - Neana on the Track
Quarantine and Chill - Cookiee Kawaii