Commanding skill and cunning technique informs the approach of Miami native, New York City based artist and DJ, LOKA, Yesenia Rojas. They harness a conceptual and confrontational approach to sound that is as intuitive as it is experimental. A keen manipulator of energy, they boldly disarm the dance floor and deliver an undeniably captivating sonic fierceness all their own: a sound that relies less on the categorical and traditional; instead, bringing a defiant multidimensional approach to the booth that defies limits and genre-expectations. Their work regularly draws on intersections of power and struggle, memory, reinvention, the role of futurity in Caribbean diaspora and its relationship to critical history. And while releasing music on DJ Stingray 313’s Micron Audio label, as well as composing original scores and crafting sound design for notable films and projects, they continue to rattle and spellbind international venues and stages. From club to screen, their musical interplay prioritizes immersion and surrender, using reimagination and hybridity as critical and transformative tools in their DJing and art.