Goth Jafar

“the internets very own barbie doll dj goth jafar is taking nyc by storm one eclectic mix at a time” —notion magazine

palm trees basking in the warm effervescent glow of a sunrise, lilac blush pink skies overlooking a sparkling ocean rippling to function one speakers in early 2k ibiza. nymphs & færies prancing around in a forest gracing the soil twirling freely in ritualistic bliss to enchanting pop. an eerie castle piercing through clouds bass rupturing like thunder in the rain techno vampires dancing in red lighting feral sweat and fog caress their skin till sunrise these are some of many settings goth jafar’s storytelling will take you through her dj’ing the screams of a crowd echo through the rollercoaster ride she takes you on you never know what thrills await you

suffy [dj goth jafar], real name suffy baala. a girl forged by online worlds her eclectic, free-ranging open nature of the internet is suffy’s matrix. enticing many through portals of the web passionately writing about the music that enkindles her life with knowledge and witty esoteric shitposting humor attracting a large niche following on her now suspended twitter arabthot. only starting to dj in 2020 during quarantine afters years of being birthed by nyc raves that were a place of holy solitude it was time to share music through a medium that were not with words, blending a multitude of genres [pop, techno, trance, k-pop etc] as a spellbinding witch behind the decks potions of gender euphoria shimmer throughout her music reflecting the trans women who brought her here today to the girls existing to the girls just starting their journey. her alluring ☆ power has transported her all over the globe from playing all over the u.s to just completing her first euro tour over the summer playing major festivals and parties in london, barcelona, madrid, paris, lisbon, sweden and berlin. noteable parties such as boiler room, evian christs trance party, club carry, anonymous club to festivals like primavera sound and norberg fest goth jafar is a force ready to take on the world bringing her dreams to fruition

not only is she a dj shes a model and writer with dreams of combining her love of music with fashion soon she will be soundtracking and walking runway shows. goth jafar stems as an inner child homage to aladdin & her moroccan heritage with her love for gothy horror to glossy hyperfeminity a dichotamy of good and evil, bubbly and dark shes equally hard as she is soft her sounds can be heard from fact magazine, face magazine, to discwoman which she is now signed to [in a coven of other enchanting witches on the decks] a full circle moment for her truly ༺♡༻