Sybil, one of the founding members of London-based DJ collective SIREN, delivers our latest mix of trippy rave tunes, triggering our nostalgia which takes us back to when the sun comes up and your feeling the love and yourself.

Tell us about this mix:

Deep psychedelic rave trip. My vision for the mix was to start deep and weird, then break up and unravel in the middle, before putting itself back together and ascending to an emotional end.

When did you start DJing?

November 2015.

First gig:

April 2016 at SIREN’s 2nd party playing at what soon became my second home, Rye Wax. It was with Apeiron Crew, playing the 30 minute warm up slot with Charlotte.

Favorite party ever played:

Probably Chapter 10 b2b with Jay last April. Or the time Jay and I played a squat rave in a disused car wash a week after New Year’s in Jan 2017, that was the most electric energy I’ve ever felt djing.
Closing The White Hotel playing 5-7am in October last year was also really special, I love that venue so much. Those who were there til the end that night might recognise the last track in this mix as my final track from that set.

Fave DJ:

Extremely hard question, how could I choose? Surgeon is probably my all time fav, for his ability to mix ferociously heavy tunes always with a tongue in cheek attitude, and a bumping broken groove. It’s a goal of mine to play the fast, hard and heavy music I love in a way that feels fun and rhythmic, so Surgeon is my biggest inspiration for nailing that. Techno, but like really fun and bumping and weird. I’m really glad he’s been DJing out again recently.

Also Ricardo Villalobos for never being afraid to psychologically play with the dancefloor until everyone is a mind-melted mess. Aurora Halal for thoughtfully combining celestial beauty with deep n’ dark cavernous techno. Helena Hauff for playing what she wants with a no fucks given punk attitude (and she also nails the hard-but-fun thing). Jeff Mills for the energy, speed and flow of his dexterous mixing. And Objekt, for just being Objekt.

+++ all my friends who are my real fav DJs to see play: JAY, Moonbow, re:ni, GiGi FM, OK Williams, Scientific Dreamz of U, Nazira, Batu, Bruce, CCL, Peach, SPFDJ, object blue, LUCE, all of In Training & alll the amazing women & nb DJs in the scene right now, Eris Drew, Ash Lauryn, Anastasia Kristensen, FAUZIA, Violet, Ciel, Nkisi, Katrina, Akua, VTSS + many more I’ve def forgotten, who all inspire me a lot 💓

Fave producer:

Mmmm it’s a cliche, but gotta say Aphex Twin & Autechre. Their music unlocks something I can’t even put into words, and which few producers have come as consistently close to since.

Pet peeve when DJing:

A new one has been dudes just reaching over the booth to take a photo of the CDJ / hitting ‘Info’ to take the ID without even acknowledging me. Why?

What’s the best compliment you’ve ever gotten?

When I was 5 years old a girl at school came up to me and thanked me for standing up for her against another girl who had been teasing her. She gave me a figurine of a parrot.

Place you’d like to play:

I love listening to music outside, so anywhere I’m able to DJ out in nature is a dream. Woodland parties, sunrise on a beach, Glastonbury!! Drone set: in the Joshua Tree desert, Mimerlaven at Norberg festival, or the ambient yurt at Freerotation.
Either that or like an unhinged megarave, time travel me back to Castlemorton :)

Something you want everyone to know about you:

I believe in aliens, sometimes I think maybe I am one.