So excited to present our latest mix by softcoresoft. in 2015 we went up to Montreal to do a Discwoman showcase led by local women in the scene, one of our favorite events to date. Since that the women we worked have been killing it locally and internationally and softcoresoft was one of those folks. As one of the leaders of the Montreal underground she has been championing for women representation in music whilst playing slammingyet eclectic techno sets, which is evident in her mix for us. Get ready for the rage on this one. Check out her mix & Q&A

Pic: Thomas Archambault

Tell us about this mix:

This mix travels trough techno, electro and broken beats territories. The through line is "rave" in the early/mid 90s sense. Although most tracks are recent or not yet released, my ear tends to converge towards a modern twist on that big room rave sound, which is fast, percussive-heavy, acidic and melodically rich.

When did you start DJing?

I started DJing 3 years ago. After talking about my interest to them, three of my closest friends got me a Traktor controller and encouraged me to get my feet wet. Shortly after, my best friend RaveDave got us a weekly gig at a restaurant called Nouveau Palais and from then on it's been non stop!

First gig:

My first party gig was at restaurant called Voro owned by my friend Jesse, a chef, graphic designer and raver. He was throwing a big bash, and I was the only DJ who got to play before the police shut it down. It was epic!

Favorite party ever played:

Lagom 003! This was a rave that our collective called Lagom (anabasine, Buffalo MRI/Jargoness and I are the main members) organized. Back when the venue Drones was still around, we had Isabella and Daniel Andréasson play from out of town and a stack of talented locals. The sweat was dripping off the walls and it ended at 9am!

Fave DJ:

Antenes from the Bunker

Fave producer:

Alien Rain, Paula Temple or Robert Leiner

Pet peeve when DJing:

When people talk to me while I'm starting my set. I really need a good half hour to get into 'the zone' and settle into a groove—and I literally can't interact with anyone in that moment.

What’s the best compliment you’ve ever gotten?

You play very hard music for your age.

Place you’d like to play:

Lisbon, Unsound in Poland or Mexico City

Something you want everyone to know about you:

That I love food. Literally the only TV I watch is about food, chefs and wine. If I wasn't pursuing music seriously, I would love to open a tapas and vermouth bar in Montreal, Barcelona-style. Also, I love trance music (the good stuff).

I’m high — Isabella [unreleased]
Killing the Hour — Atavism [Nonplus records] 2017
Raeh — Hunter [unreleased]
The Scrub — The Subdermic [Balkan Recordings] 2017
Insurgency — Minimum Syndicat [Minimum Syndicat] 2015
Córrale — Pelada [New] 2017
X0004000X — 999999999 [NineTimesNine] 2017
cxema — buttechno [self-released] 2017
Soti Vit Fè — Nick Rony [self-released] 2017
n i to — PS and princevalì [unreleased]
Apollo — The fReaksters [Cowshed Records] 2014
Cloud 9 — Violet [Naive] 2017
Come Closer — Emmanuel [Dark Matter Inc] 2016
The Trill Acid Theme (E.R.P. Remix) — Hardfloor [Hardfloor] 2008
The Radiophonic Workshop — B12 [Warp] 1995
Should we call it trance — 90 Process [1Ø PILLS MATE] 2018
Fearing The Minds Fears (Original Mix) — Steve Bicknell [6dimensions] 2017
Maximum Mind Control — Keepsakes [Haven] 2018
Sector 9 — Acid Junkies [Djax-Up-Beats] 1992
Fountain of Wine — Radioactive Man [Asking For Trouble] 2017
Our Darkness — Anne Clark [10 Records] 1984
Aperitif de la mort — Liaisons Dangereuses [TIS] 1981
Déjà Mode — Lee Gamble [Hyperdub] 2017
psychrisis — Lacedetail [unreleased]