Sii Sii

Chroma’s Siii Sii, intimately uses this space to layer spoken definitions of black joy with a selection tracks that perfectly support these expressions; making for a powerful, emotive and meditative mix particularly perfect for this month.

photo: Guarionex Rodriguez Jr. @guarionex_jr

Tell us about this mix:

This mix is a celebration of Black joy. I wanted to bring forth the musical spirit that is Black joy, honoring all of its nuances and power, reflected in the selection of artists and the vocal recordings from my community of friends. I hope this mix can act as a portal and sonic messenger to all who listen, wherever they may be physically or mentally.

When did you start DJing?

I started DJing at some underground parties around 2013 when I got my first apartment in New York. My roommates and I threw a ton of parties in our space, and that was kind of my entry into it all. Inviting artists to come to play and watching them and getting really excited about it. I think it was very organic as my love for music was always there. I made a playlist for just about everything in high school, thinking about what collection of music goes together and all that. I just needed to learn the system of putting it all together, finding my flow, getting access to gear. Honestly, virtual DJ is free and a great and accessible resource to begin with. I was definitely using that before I got my hands on more "advanced" software. I didn't see my first CDJs until 2016.

First gig:

My first gig was playing this party for Know Wave, who I was working for at the time (and quit shortly after regarding some very shady leadership, accounts of sexual assault coming to light, and overall boys club energy). I played b2b with my friend Chu. I was extremely nervous. It was at this Chinese restaurant off Canal St and they served Lucky Buddha beer, which I was excited about. Our set was amazing and just really fun, the people loved it. As I was leaving I ran into King Krule, as he was performing after all of the DJs. It was a special night. At the time all I remember thinking was how tired I was going to be for work the next day for staying out so late and agreeing to DJ on a weeknight while having a 9-5 corporate job in midtown.

Favorite party ever played:

I loved playing for Mena Sachdev's (Ushamami) party CREWLESS at Mood Ring. I was playing b2b with my friend Ladin, and I just remember it being a super vibrant and loud set. It was also our friend Salome Asega's birthday so everyone took the train from a dinner at Lee's on Canal to Mood Ring and it was super special to have all our friends there dancing and smiling and getting their best life, just so much energy. Some other very honorable mentions: playing Playground After Dark, Fruity Papi for Papi Juice, playing the Lot Radio's annual BBQ, the countless parties at No Bar.

Fave DJ:

Asmara, br0nz3 g0dd3ss, BAE BAE

Fave producer:

Nídia, Equikknoxx, anyone off the PRÍNCIPE label, Ikonika, Anz, Crystallmess, FAUZIA, BEARCAT, Tygapaw, DJ Lag, Rudeboyz

Pet peeve when DJing:

When the CDJs become your enemy

What’s the best compliment you’ve ever gotten?

People always ask me for song names during every set so at least I know my taste in music is fire

Place you’d like to play:

Notting Hill Carnival on a massive sound system

Something you want everyone to know about you:

All of my artistic practices weave together, whether it's music, curation, or amplifying my community. I am the Co-Founder of Chroma, a cultural agency & creative studio centering the work and perspectives of women of color. We put together some musical compilations on Bandcamp last year that also served as a form of mutual aid. I feel very proud of curating these projects. I'll leave the link here:

Larry Heard - Dolphin Dream
AceMo - Phone Tag ft. Yunie Mojica
Actress - Angels Pharmacy (feat. Zsela)
Erykah Badu - I Been Goin Thru It All
James Bangura - Beautiful Dark Places
KeiyaA x Blvck Spvde - Smoky Quartz (Prod. KeiyaA x Blvck Spvde)
Mr. Fingers - Distant Planet
TAH - Track 09
A.k.Adrix - Settings
Nídia - Intro
Mala - Changes
DJ Swisha - Can’t Move With Me Ft. Kush Jones (BASSBEAR!! Remix)
Migos - Bando
Dj Tjaey - Look Like You (Trap Trap in the Bando) [Afrobeat Remix]
AceMo - Where They At (ft. John FM)
Kush Jones - Remaining Focus
Sasha Go Hard - To The Girls Feat. Le1f (Prod. by Block on da Trakk)
Klein - changes
The Nativist - Netwerxxx
LSDXOXO - To The Gods
Ojerime - Give It Up 2 Me
TYGAPAW - Get Free Intro ft. Mandy Harris Williams
FAUZIA - it’s ok
Amal x James Bangura x Dj Nativesun - Whoo Lawd
Aunty Okaaay - Citation
Sandy B - Amajovi Jovi
Time Cow & RTKal - Elephant Man
Busy Signal - Text Message
Puto Márcio - Coisas da Vida
Sección De Ritmo - No Drama Llama
A.G - UwU feelings
Rae Sremmurd - Swang
Sango - Eagle Energy
Lafawndah - You, at the End
UMFANG - Scene feat. Diamond Stingily

Vocal Contributions:
Elliot Jerome Brown Jr. @elliotjeromebrownjr, Adrian Mojica @acemo, Rodan Tekle @rodanada, Azha Ayanna @azhaayanna, Jasmine Rose @ro_jsmn, Nikki Brown @nikkiecharte, Soukie Dia @alrokersdaughter, Hanna Girma @stop_youplay2much, Makayla Bailey @white_boyfriend, Rhea Dillon @rheadillon, Kenya Denise @kenya_diggit, Ethan Scott Barnett @ethanscottbarnett, Ariana Faye Allensworth @arianafaye, Yellena Keller @yelenasimone, Wes Simpson @ouet, and Sammi Gay @letmeusemyhands & her grandmother.