Kilopatrah Jones

NYC's Kilopatrah Jones takes us into a tunnel this Halloween, a tunnel you definitely don't to see the end of. They've created a mix of techno, drum n bass and edits for us to fall fully into and not look back. Check out their Q&A and mix below:

Tell us about this mix:

This mix is an ode to nyc, my home and all the lovely chosen family I’ve shared space & danced with. I got into djing thru break-dancing and this was a ode to dancing and feeling the music in your soul.

When did you start DJing?

3 years ago ironically at a workshop UM Fang was teaching at a power-plant, being in that environment made me realize to get serious about djing & get to work.

First gig:

an event called P**sy power, it was an event like a spa with club music & fresh chicken and waffles. The event didn’t last too long but the memories made were amazing. Some folks I’ve met that night I’m still friends with today!

Favorite party ever played:

This is a set up! It has been between Sweet Kicks or House of Diggs. Both events were filled with such love and beautiful bodies just really open to new music. I felt trusted to really take folks on a journey & people still walk up to me, months later discussing my sets from these events.

Fave DJ:

Old School: Junior Vasquez, perfect amount of NY OG Cunt and Camp. NO two mixes of theirs are the same, I always reference their mixes for inspiration.

Fave producer:

Oh this is easy, Anz!
As I’ve pivot deeper what jungle and hardcore look like to me, she is huge in pushing my craft as a dj and as Black femme as there aren’t too many role models in jungle looking like me. Her mixing style and artist flair is to die for as well!

Pet peeve when DJing:

SONG REQUESTS, Save em for ya crib

What’s the best compliment you’ve ever gotten?

Honestly, anytime I get love on a good blend or technically hard set, I’m trying to push my skills as a DJ to the sky so when folks point out anything, I cry one thug tear. Every time!

Place you’d like to play:

HÖR Berlin because that bathroom looks tight as hell, have you played in a shower while streaming? Doubt it!
plus I would love to melt folks eardrums while playing. I’m trying to travel stateside and internationally for gigs so I’m down for wherever.

Something you want everyone to know about you:

This may be the first time you heard of me but this won’t be the last ;)

046 Junglists- S.U.B
Gimmie Mo'- P.J. Swerve
The Callers-WTCHCRFT
Drifter (Original Mix)- Escaflowne
My House (05' Mix)- Frankie Bones
Energy Tribe-RMS
The Stomp Song (K9 Mix)- Top Hun
Dark Matter (Kev Bird 93 Mix)- Kev Bird & The Wax Doctor
Call Me- Deee-Lite
Pull Up (Tim Reaper Remix)- Special Request
Bass Kick- Dylan & Damage
Break it Off- Pink Patheress
I Had a Dream I Was Falling Through The Ozone Layer- Deee-Lite