"Wanted to bring a feeling that was a good balance of aggressive and carnal, and also melodic. That's my favorite sound. Hope it worked." —@thatjuana

So excited to announce Juana as our newest DW roster addition, since we played with her in DC on inauguration weekend she hasn’t left our minds and we’re so stoked to be bringing her thunderous techno to our crew permanently. As a core part of the Washington DC techno crew sequence, she’s currently a steering force of DC’s sound and scene. We asked her to do our latest mix ahead of our party in Detroit may 27th, where we’ll be slamming a lot of techno in the genre’s birth city. Cant wait, check out her Q+A and mix below!

Tell us about this mix:

Wanted to bring a feeling that was a good balance of aggressive and carnal, and also melodic. That’s my favorite sound. Hope it worked.

When did you start DJing?

The Bronze Age. Bed/livingroom since 2000; in clubs since 2002.

First gig:

First pretty big one was Club Red in DC with my brother Sam Burns. I used to spin mostly deep house with techno sort of snuck in here and there. I remember dropping “Hi-Tech Jazz” by Galaxy 2 Galaxy and “Flower” by Soul Dhamma (King Britt’s remix) and feeling that first serious connection with the floor; it really hooked me.

Favorite party ever played:

So far all my Sequence gigs. Love my crew and everything they’re getting done for proper techno heads in the DMV. Also opening for Pan Pot was pretty sweet.

Fave DJ:

You’ve heard this before: Way too many. But I will say that Carlos Souffrant has my heart eternally. In my disco life, it’s all about Sadar. Favorite local DJ: Ron Jackson all day.

Fave producer:

Always have Frankie Knuckles, Patrick Adams, Jamie Principle, Mike Dunn, and Lil Louis in the rotation in some way. Joey Beltram, Dave Clarke, and Gary Beck, too. He/at, I HATE MODELS, Emika, I/Y, Petter B, and HYSH? are super apeshit to me currently.

Pet peeve when DJing:

None really. We all get annoyed but I can roll with any crazy shit outside of a power outage.

What’s the best compliment you’ve ever gotten?

“I usually hate this music, but you’re alright.”

Place you’d like to play:

Some kind of space station. Communicate with our overlords. We’re very close you know.

Something you want everyone to know about you:

Why yes, I am quite mysterious. lol