Inga Mauer

Ahead of our party in Manchester with High Hoops next weekend, we asked powerhouse Inga Mauer to step up for our latest mix. She needs little introduction being one of the leading DJs steering the hard energetic sound of todays underground. We heard her set at Dekmantel last year and it blew us away and this mix for us will do the same. Enjoy. Q&A and mix below !

When did you start DJing?

2006 but there weren't people for me to play music for.

First gig:

In Syktyvkar, Russia in 2006 very isolated from the world.

Favorite party ever played:

Bunker Party in Den Haag

Fave DJ:

Vladimir Ivkovic

Fave producer:

Terence Fixmer
Marie Davidson
Phillip Gorbachev
Aleksey Volkov

Pet peeve when DJing:

When people are filming

What’s the best compliment you’ve ever gotten?

People commenting on my fingers when I’m playing, haha.

Place you’d like to play:

On the Moon.