First came to know Ifeoluwa via her NTS show 404, the Bristol-based DJ has made a name for herself pairing her refreshingly broad musical affection with her political fight. Her sets are punctuated with a very clear message that "no this isnt just about playing music", its about what the power of music can do to bring change. This mix proves exactly that, leaving you more empowered than when you started.

Tell us about this mix:

DJing has always been really personal to me - each set is different and represents exactly where my head is at. I've been going the maddest time in my life, facing serious legal consequences for calling out an ex partner who is also in music and being pushed out of a city I grew to love. Most days I feel either disillusioned or frustrated / wanting to give up completely when you b2b that with major depression and anxiety, it's super super peak. When I was younger, I used to play guitar and sing / scream in an emo band. I've tried to channel different aspects of my personality into this mix, there's post trance, club traxs, angry wifey riddims and 00s pop edits but also really aggressive clanging heaters - it's pretty much what the inside of my head sounds like.

When did you start DJing?

Just under a year and a half ago! I still don't have decks lol but I think that's given me the freedom to experiment as I've used it as a tool for self expression rather than clout.

First gig:

Supporting Machine Woman at Rye Wax. I hadn't started mixing yet but I was given about 10 days by the Siren crew as I had written a few pieces on dance music for them and the arts industry generally. It was TERRIFYING but also liberating! People are generally forgiving when you fuck up and it led me to starting Intervention 2 months later!

Favorite party ever played:

Thorny when I played after MHYSA. It's one of my best sets so far and flowed naturally because I didn't feel the intense panic I get when playing to less diverse crowds. It's really important I feel comfortable when I'm playing or my mental health does a madness plus it's bare awkward when people aren't vibeing and generally having a good time - it's called dance music for a reason lads!

Fave DJ:

India Jordan! She's massively underrated and also is the best technical DJ I've ever seen, she moves from different tempos effortlessly plus she's bare bare jokes and has always pushed me to be my full weirdo sus self!

Fave producer:

I found this question really difficult to answer but I would say Dis Fig, Dinamarca and Lyzza!

Pet peeve when DJing:

It's a tie between men watching my every move intensely and then asking me to play specific stuff when I'm clearly playing Girls Aloud for a reason or when clapped men come behind the decks and move to me like they're an extra in a Migos video.

What’s the best compliment you’ve ever gotten?

'I wasn't sure when you play Britney but it went down well, I'm glad you challenged me', they were also cute so that added to it lol

Place you’d like to play:

Dimensions in the Moat! It's 4am and the mandem are waved, it's been an intense 40 minutes of distorted angry club traxs and you hear the Macarena being pulled in and everyone is like 'rahhh wot is going on' then it switches into a wavey post trance banger and the crowd goes wilddddd! Also New York or California would be cool, I'm really into both the club trax scenes there!

Something you want everyone to know about you:

I'm a wavey peng ting and you're welcome to slide into my dms but unfortunately only successful applicants will receive a response.